online courses: How to fit education into your schedule

Online Courses: Fitting Education Into Your Schedule

The unique advantage of an online education is flexibility. As a student, you can learn at your own pace and convenience. Rather than fit your schedule around classes, you fit classes around your schedule. Of course, there are some advantages of classes on campus too. The physical, hands-on learning under the guidance of an instructor. […]

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Fences Review/Interview By: TFC Film Student Casey Harper

August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama Fences moves from the stage to the silver screen in one of the must-see films of the year. Set in Pittsburgh during the 1950’s, Fences portrays the struggles African Americans faced with segregation in the work place. As well as the impact, it had on their families at home. […]

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Why a non-traditional College might be best for your student

Why a Non-traditional College Might Be Better for Your Student

We’ve come a long way since public education began in a one-room schoolhouse. When lessons focused on reading, writing, arithmetic, history and geography. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about learning. Like there are differences in how students think and best learn. Which explains why today, there are both traditional and non-traditional colleges. And […]

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College For Digital Media: Where Technology and Art Collide

The terms new media and digital media are often used interchangeably. Although there is perhaps, a subtle difference if you want to split hairs or impress someone with your superior knowledge. Digital Media refers specifically to the actual form and devices used to store information and creative work. In other words, creative communication in a […]

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Spotlight On Film Making: The Innovation of Orson Welles

When you take away the lights, cameras and action. Remove the glitz, glitter and glamour. Lose the script, wardrobe and make-up. Film-making at its core is about story-telling. Orson Welles, who made his mark in the infancy of film, is considered one of the most innovative film-makers of all time. But he was first and […]

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What is the Difference Between a Teacher and a Mentor?

There is some question today on what educational methodology is best for learning—teaching or mentoring? And the answer is: It depends, because everyone learns differently. Are you an audible learner? Visual? Or prefer a hands-on approach? The best methodology for you should be centered on how you best learn. But with that said, what’s the […]

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AES Convention Reflection By: Amber Carter

When the opportunity arose to go to the annual Audio Engineering Society convention in Los Angeles, I jumped on it immediately. I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew that it would be a great experience and that it would be worth it. The AES convention gave us the opportunity to get our […]

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Secrets We Keep - Sound Designer Elliot Callighan

Secrets We Keep – Sound Designer Elliot Callighan

SHORT FILM: Secrets We Keep CHOSEN FOR: Music Composition CREW HIGHLIGHT: Elliot Callighan Tribeca Flashpoint alumni, Justin Jakola’s Exposing The Crew, showcases a professional in the Digital Media Arts community every Tuesday. This week is the composer Elliot Callighan’s work on the short film Secrets We Keep. Swing on over to ETC and check out […]

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