3 Ways A High Schooler Can Academically (and financially) Prepare for College

3 Ways a High Schooler Can Academically Prepare for College

So you’re nearing the end of your junior year of high school, and you’ve decided that it is time to get serious. You’ve narrowed your college list down, you have a few campus visits planned, and you’ve researched a variety of different major programs. But now you are looking to tackle something a little bigger. […]

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The Top 5 Tips For Animation Beginners

The world of animation is an imagination playground. Because if your mind can conceive it, you can bring it to life through animation. To create flying super heroes in live acting takes lots of camera trickery. But for animators, it’s simply the stroke of a pen. Okay, today, it’s more likely a stylus pen on […]

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How to prepare for a career in digital marketing

How to Prepare for a Career in Digital Marketing

Have you ever seen this video?  I thought it would provide a good example for what is currently happening in marketing education. In it, a dark overlord (a knock off Darth Vadar) tells one of his henchmen (a knock off stormtrooper) to go to the other side of the planet (a knock of death star) […]

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5 Benefits of Going to Film School

Why Should I Go to Film School?

So you’ve been making movies since you were about eight. You’ve gathered up your friends, the local neighborhood kids, even made your parents join the fun a few times. Youtube has taught you how to build your own camera slider, shoulder rig, and light ring. You have toyed with free editing software and have a […]

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Louder Than A Bomb University Indy Slam Hosted by Tribeca Flashpoint College

Join us to watch the first day of the Louder Than A Bomb University Indy Slam Live! LTAB University Indy Slam (DAY 1) March 10, 2017 Round 1 – 4pm – 6pm Round 2 – 6pm – 8pm Louder Than A Bomb’s University Indy Poet Slam. Watch poets, rappers, and activists for community-inspired, craft-refining, bar-raising poetry. Watch […]

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Filmmaking: Spotlight On Film Noir

To understand modern filmmaking, it helps to know its history. Because many of the styles and techniques pioneered in the beginning influence filmmaking today. One genre that made a significant impact on movies and introduced techniques still used today is film noir. What is Film Noir? Film Noir is a French term that means black […]

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DART Conference 2017 – Keynote Speaker: Jeff Boddy

Tribeca Flashpoint College is partnering with DART (Organization of Digital Art Teachers) to host their Annual Educator Conference. This conference will have 50+ Educators from over 40 Chicagoland High Schools. The conference is an opportunity for educators to take hands on workshops while also making connections with fellow educators and professionals from the digital art […]

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Not your Father’s Batman

Conversation with my wife while watching Captain America Civil War on Netflix. Susan (my wife): Is that Spiderman? Me: Yeah Susan: Why did they get a new actor? This guy is a kid! Me: This isn’t part of that series, this is how the old Peter Parker is supposed to be in the stories Susan: […]

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