The Threadless Podcast Episode 1 With Sina Grace

The Threadless Podcast has launched! Tribeca Flashpoint’s Recording Arts department helped our friends over at Threadless produce and record the first episode of The Threadless Podcast. The Threadless podcast focuses on people doing all things creative.  In their own words – “This is the Threadless podcast! Where we talk to creative people doing creative things. There’s always something […]

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Interested in A Film School In Chicago? Train as a Professional

You love film. I get it – believe me. But if you’re thinking about taking your knowledge and experience to the next level by attending a film school in Chicago, one consideration that should be on the top of our “pro’s list” is getting real-world training on real-world professional equipment. Yes, you’ve probably come pretty […]

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digital art: should i get an associates or bachelors?

Digital Art: Should I Get an Associate or a Bachelor’s?

At Tribeca Flashpoint College, we offer an Associate Degree in Animation and Visual Effects and a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Art. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our incoming digital art students is which one of these degree paths is right for them. Should they study for two years and jump […]

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5 steps to creating your college list

5 Steps to Creating Your College List

Determining what college you want to go to begins with learning about the colleges that are out there. But with 4,140 colleges and universities in the United States, where do you start? How do you decide which schools to research? How do you know which schools to give your attention to? If you are asking […]

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How a High school Student can Find time for film

How a High School Student Can Find Time for Film

In the later years of high school, things can get pretty hectic. Between school, homework, practice, rehearsal, club meetings, and work, there is not a whole lot of time for hobbies. Throw in preparing for the ACT and filling out college applications, and that “not a whole lot of time” becomes “no time.” In the […]

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3 tips for beginning digital artists

3 Tips for Beginning Digital Artists

You jolt awake as your head makes contact with your desk. You must have nodded off for a second. You slowly move your eyes up the wall in front of you, whispering a silent prayer. You focus in on the classroom clock and let out a sigh of relief. Only five minutes left until the […]

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5 Mistakes to avoid when choosing your college major

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your College Major

Have you ever ordered an unfamiliar food at a restaurant? Played as a new character in a video game? Made any decision at all? Well, then the chances are at some point you’ve thought to yourself: ‘I’ve made a mistake.’ But while most mistakes of this kind only cost you a few dollars and a […]

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4 Ways a High Schooler Can Prepare for Film School

If you are a junior or senior in high school, you have probably heard all you will ever need to hear about college prep. You should take these classes, be a part of these clubs, volunteer at these organizations, and so on. But what you probably haven’t heard enough of is how to prepare for […]

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Live Mural Painting by Chicago Artist Junk Yard

Check out the live stream of Chicago Artist Junk Yard, as he does a live painting exhibit during our April 8, 2017 open house. For more of his his work drop by his Instagram and say hello.

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