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Academics Film Film – Student Work

Film – Student Work

1. Moveboxer – “How to Pack Boxes” - PCC
Dominica Talerico,
Robert Sojda
Henry Pearson,
Sam Shenberger
2. Grubhub - “Elevator” - PCC
Brian Kilborn
Eugene Hahm
Emily Hayes
Josh Mandel
3. Plumwise / Brooks Shoes - PCC
Meagan Baker
Taylor Foster
Hayley Mellish
Jaron Wilson
4. “Diverse Learning” – Documentary
Brittany Bautista
Joe Gleason
Michael Shofner
Samantha Gibson
Nicoli Raymond
5. “Origin Story” – Non Fiction Assignment for FLM247
Stefan Rorick
Nicoli Raymond
6. “Truth in the Dark” - Documentary
Michael Grady
7. “Feel Good Radio” – Documentary
Arnoldo Cardenas
Michael Hoday
Samantha Merkle
Alyson Bielat
Michael Hamlin
8. “I Tried This at Home” - Documentary
Monica Breyne
Zack Kowalski,
Tyler Perks,
Robert Sojda

9. “Drag Me to Berlin” – Documentary
Jake Shebish
Angie Landa
Katie Gallegos
Desmond Huey
Adam Herrera
Noah Secombe
10. “Decent Men” – Film 2
Nathen Grigsby
Aaron Westerbeck
11. “The Sweet Life” – Film 2
Max Milner
Christian DeAngelis
Johnny Sao
Josh Lustig
Jonathan Quigg
12. “Comatose” – Film 2
Nick Avery
Virat Sharma
Pat Clark
Tony Burke
13. “Ethereal Confections” – PCC
Morgan Farage – Voiceover
Jessi Owensby
Brian Miller
Heriberto Macias
Christian Seyller
Nathan Iseminger
14. “Roti – Chickpeas” - PCC
Sam Paakkonen

15. “Still Photo Project” – FLM247
Mykee Morettini

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